006 Corvette Chief Podcast – Interview With Dick Guldstrand

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Dick Guldstrand races. Even at 80 he still races. He first started racing Corvettes in the late ‘50s when Zora began Chevrolet’s clandestine support of Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) racing. All these years Dick has been a friend of the Corvette and has enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the marquis. We built them and he jazzes them up for his customers all over the world. Dick is a proud member of the Corvette Hall of Fame.

Please have a listen and be sure to leave a comment and let Dave know what you think.

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7 thoughts on “006 Corvette Chief Podcast – Interview With Dick Guldstrand

  1. Dear Dave,
    Enjoyed the discussion with Dick Guidstrand.
    Don’t know what your podcast itenerary is, but corvettes are about racing, and is there any chance you could talk about setting the FIA Endurance Record with the ZR-1.
    I enjoyed reading about the event in your book, and I would like to hear you elaborate about the event.
    Brian Hagemeister
    Ishpeming, Michigan

  2. Enjoyed hearing the thoughts of an old racer like Dick Guldstrand. At his age he’s got nothing to prove to anyone, so I truly believed his comments about the LT5 being the BEST engine GM ever produced and the NEED to get out of the rut and start designing ceramic engines. Damn the cost!

    Dave, thank you for your efforts.

    Peter Fias
    Lancaster, PA
    ’95 #442

  3. Dave –
    I’m so glad I found your new site! What a hoot hearing you and Dick – I haven’t seen him in years and it was great knowing that he’s still doing well. The tales he told about the old vettes were stories I never heard before.

    I’ve passed on the news about this site to all of my car enthusiast friends.

    Keep up the good work – I’ll look forward to the next installments.

  4. Hello Dave, loved the conversation!

    met you both in the past, even had lunch with Dick. But was a little dissapointed, that you did not mention the Dutch Corvette Club ( +500 members)!
    And I am a founding-, lifetime-member and Ambassador for the NCM! Many US-“hardcore” Vettelovers cannn’t beat that!
    Regards as ever, Han Klems, your dadicated European fan.

  5. Dave,
    The conversationwith Dick Gulstrand is what us Corvette guys want. Our history is irreplacible, and the conversation with one of our founders, is what I crave. I was born into the So Cal car enviro and drove the early Vettes. I suffered through the early racing years, and as the Porsches noted “you will break in the first two hours, and we will lead you to the finish.” I sat in the Riverside Raceway esses, in the dirt, and they were right. We would crash and burn and they would crow about their prowess. I have now lived long enough to appreciate the latest surge and Chevy’s participation. I just witnessed the LBGP and saw that there is little competition to the thunderous GT1 Corvettes. I think your interview with Gulstrand was right on and I can only hope that you continue with interviews with the guys that built our legend until Chevy ultimately decided to join in our quest to “Save the the wave”.
    A conversation with Reeves calloway is now demanded. I sat in the audience as he tried to carry on the greatness at Le Mans in ’94 with little help from GM. His effort helped sail my ship, and I’m certain many others.

    Keep up the great effort. And, by the way, your signature on my 92 ZR-1 is as proud today as the day you signed it.
    Larry Anderson,
    92 ZR-1, S/N 243
    Larry and Vilma Anderson

  6. Dave, Great website! Do you have contact information for Jeffrey Yachnin? I need to contact Jeff regarding Sam Sim’s retirement party. Do you remember Sam Sims? If so do you have any “fond” memories to share. Sam’s retirement party is on August 29, 2008. Please advise. Your old pal, Dorian Tyree, the Corvette Safety-Crashworthiness Engineer.

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