008 Corvette Chief Podcast – Sounds of Sebring 2008

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In this episode, Dave is in Sebring, Florida for the “Twelve Hours Of Sebring” endurance race. Standing at turn seventeen, the last turn of the track before the cars head down the straightaway in front of the pits, Dave uses his digital audio field recorder to capture the atmosphere of the even through sound.

Please have a listen and be sure to leave a comment and let Dave know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “008 Corvette Chief Podcast – Sounds of Sebring 2008

  1. Dave….being a Corvette fanatic for about 50 years, I really love what you are doing with respect to these podcasts….you are doing an awesome job with them. I really appreciate you making the effort to bring this great information to the public. The Corvette along with the “people of Corvette” is simply fascinating and intriqueing….I love the history and personalites of the Corvette…and can’t get enough of it . The Sebring podcast was simply awesome….seeing actual video of the ’57 Corvette along with the SS from 51 years ago is a dream come true for a Corvette enthusatic….please keep them coming.

    Regards and Thanks!

  2. Dave, Thanks for sharing this podcast. I have been a long time Corvette enthusiast and really enjoyed seeing the actual video of the 1957 Sebring race. That certainly was an exciting time for Corvette. Very interesting to see the early drivers and Zora so passionate about the car and its future. Looking forward to your next piodcast. Best Regards, Tom

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