020 Corvette Chief – Bowling Green Plant – Beyond The Tour

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Every Corvette enthusiast should talk a trip to the home of Corvette Assembly and the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. The plant tour is a good visual experience, but there is so much more that is unseen. It is the unseen engineering and processing that makes it possible for the car to go together right the first time. Let me tell you what to look for to make the unseen visible.

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2 thoughts on “020 Corvette Chief – Bowling Green Plant – Beyond The Tour

  1. Dave I hope GM can find a way out of it present financial problems so I can buy another new Corvette,number 12, when the C-7 arrives. The plant tour is something that every Corvette owner and Corvette enthusiast should do along with a vist the the National Corvette Museum.

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