011 Corvette Chief Podcast – Bill Milliken Speaks About Maurice Olley

Maurice Olley To Be Inducted Into Corvette Hall Of Fame

This episode is in honor of Maurice Olley. Dave gets Bill Milliken on the phone to tell us about Maurice Olley. Maurice is going to be inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame this Autumn.

Click here to see an article from August 4th, 1948 titled “An Engineer At The Grand Prix”

Books Mentioned In This Podcast:
Chassis Design
Equations Of Motion
Race Car Vehicle Dynamics

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3 thoughts on “011 Corvette Chief Podcast – Bill Milliken Speaks About Maurice Olley

  1. Anytime, any place a vehicle dynamics engineer gets a chance to talk to or listen to Bill Milliken, it is a pleasure and honor. I’ve know Bill for more years than I want to remember (almost 40) and he’s basically the guy I’d like to model myself after. Great podcast! Really enjoyed Bill’s stories as well as all of his books – Dan Metz

  2. Dave:

    Your bringing the past to the present with the Bill Milliken interview embraces my vision on how we should and are preserving automotive history.
    Bill is history past, present and will be in the future.

    Thank you and Bill.

    Frank Cavanaugh
    CAV productions
    New York USA

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