012 Corvette Chief Podcast – Peter Wright

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The biggest issue facing the Corvette into the future is being able to maintain its extraordinary performance against the threat of fuel economy legislation. In this Podcast, I interview Peter Wright, ex Chief Engineer of the Lotus F-1 program, co-inventor of active suspension and now a consultant to F-1. We’re going to talk about design optimization in the digital world and F-1s mandate for energy recovery systems on board the race cars just one year out.

Peter and I are fellow inductees as Fellows of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). 20 to 25 Fellow grade memberships are conferred each year from a membership of about 80,000. Peter has written two books on F-1 racing which I highly recommend. Formula 1 Technology and Ferrari F-1, Under the Skin of the Championship Winning F-1 2000.

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