017 Corvette Chief – McLellan House

I’m going to change the subject on you and talk about architecture, specifically the McLellan House. Our home was designed for my wife Glenda and myself in 1969 by a student and lifetime colleague of Frank Lloyd Wright, John H. Howe. Living here for almost 40 years has been an extraordinary experience. I’ll show you in pictures what I mean.

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015 Corvette Chief – Fuel Economy Part 02

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This is Part 2 of 2 on Fuel Economy
Corvette fuel economy is a topic that affects the pocketbook of Corvette drivers but one that too few of us want to talk about it when we can talk about performance. So, ready or not, here is the lowdown on fuel economy, a topic that affects the performance of your car and along with emissions defines the performance that is possible. In two podcasts I discuss the current Corvette and then talk about the future and what’s in store for Corvette drivers in this world of increasing fuel efficiency requirements.

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